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Electronics Recycling With Your Bottle & Recycling Depot in Airdrie

Do you have some electronics that are reaching the end of their lives and you don’t know how to dispose of them? Don’t just put them in the garbage; help your community by recycling them. By recycling your electronics, you can have a direct impact on your environment and the community’s sustainable practices. From glass and plastic to gold, silver, and more, our electronics are filled with reusable materials. If you have end-of-life electronics lying around your home, now is the best time to drop them off and participate as responsible members of your community.

Why Should You Recycle Your Electronics?

You might think your electronics are obsolete and of no use, but they actually contain many valuable parts and materials that can be reused in new products to help create sustainable practices for the environment.

Electronic Recycling is important because:

It keeps e-waste out of Canadian landfills.

It helps in properly destroying the data stored on your electronics in a safe and secure manner.

It helps us recover and reuse essential resources like gold, silver, copper, and more so that new products can be made with sustainable resources and practices.

It prevents e-waste mismanagement as well as illegal handling and exporting of such electronics.

It helps in protecting the health and safety of workers and handlers that work in e-waste management or otherwise.

What Can You Recycle?

We often have a lot of electronics lying around our homes that are past their use and are simply collecting dust. Rather than throwing them away so they end up in landfills, you can recycle them to make sure their parts are reused in a sustainable manner.

Here are some electronic items you can recycle:

Televisions, monitors, and other display devices.

Home audio/video systems like players, projectors, home theatres, etc.

Portable computers and laptops.

Portable and vehicle audio/video systems.

Musical instruments.

Gaming systems and accessories.

Cellular and non-cellular devices.

Desktop computers and peripherals such as keyboards, mice, cables, etc.

Desktop printers, standing photocopiers and multi-function devices, etc.

IT and telecom equipment such as routers, ethernet switches, etc.

Medical and monitoring equipment such as electric thermometers, hearing aids, and more.

Battery-powered toys such as electric ride-on toys, key chains, and more.

Want to Help Your Community?

We can help you organize bottle drives and fundraisers that serve important causes.

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