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Hometow Bottle & Recycling Depot Can Help Arrange Your Bottle Drives

At Hometown Bottle & Recycling Depot, we love contributing to our community by partnering up with local organizations and charity groups for bottle drives. We can set it up where you do the sorting, or we can do it. To help do our part, we always provide an extra percentage on returns to help you in your fundraising endeavour. We proudly do bottle drive fundraisers with charities, schools, sports teams, scouts, girl guides, and any other community group looking to fundraise. We care about our community and love playing our role in helping its various causes and the environment.

Getting Started With Organizing Your Bottle Drive

Wondering how to begin organizing your own bottle drive fundraiser? We can help. Just follow the steps given below:

Plan your drive

Contact us well in advance so we can coordinate a date that doesn’t conflict with other bottle drives

We’ll outline exactly what types of containers can be gathered and what they’re worth.

Assemble your team

Organize your team to be ready on the scheduled day and assign responsibilities.

Plan your routes

We recommend concentrating on residential areas.

Apps like Google Maps can make it easy to plan and track routes.

Contacting building managers and superintendents of apartment buildings is a good idea to see if they will participate in the drive.

Get the word out

Signs and simple flyers are an effective way of letting the community know to be ready on a certain date, and to have the right containers on hand.

On your flyers and signs, include the reason for the fundraiser: equipment, sports jerseys, a field trip, etc.

Contact your local newspaper and public radio stations to put out a public service announcement regarding your bottle drive fundraiser

Last but not the least—have fun!

If you’re looking to get started on organizing your fundraiser, give us a call today or use our eform to tell us your needs.

Recycling Fun Facts

Need further inspiration and proof on the impact of recycling?

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